ProVantage Procurement have worked for a number of years with two of the countries leading Energy procurement brokers. We will only ever partner with entirely independent brokers, ensuring there are no tie-ins, connections or affiliations with the energy suppliers themselves, thus guaranteeing complete independence and transparency.

Energy considerations should be much more than just bottom-line costs for the utilities.
We offer a range of services to all organisations that could dramatically reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. We will discuss your particular needs and recommend the strategy that best works for your business specifically; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with us.


Buying the energy cheaper is only one part of the service. As well as managing relationships with your suppliers for you our partners bring a number of Value Add services to the table, all of which can help you reduce costs further.

Energy Procurement – We help and guide you on the acquisition and purchase of energy, using fixed price or flexible contracts. Identifying market opportunity and devising the most appropriate contract.

Bureau Service – Focussing on helping our clients to achieve significant efficiency gains within their accounts, estates, energy, procurement and building management departments.

Historical Audits – We examine your past utility invoices to identify any overcharges, which we subsequently recover.

Energy Management & Compliance – Our team is always on hand to provide energy efficiency advice to help your business reduce costs and comply with current legislation

Renewable Energy Projects – We provide guidance on renewable energy methods, including support with selling excess power back to the grid.

Support, guidance or complete project control over installing & registering meters in new builds, capping & disposing obsolete meters etc


Are you aware of your ESOS requirements?

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) is a mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for ‘large’ organisations in the UK. It requires the organisation to measure its total energy consumption, including within buildings and transport usage, conduct energy audits to identify cost-effective energy saving recommendations, and report compliance to the Environment Agency.

Non-compliances, such as failure to submit the compliance assessments on time, can incur a variety of penalties from the EA for the non-compliant company. These can range from publication of non-compliance on the EA’s website, to a £50,000 fixed penalty plus £500 per day.

A recent press release by the Environment Agency has confirmed that the scheme will continue into its second phase as planned, and the body is now encouraging businesses to begin carrying out energy audits before the Phase 2 compliance deadline of 5 December 2019.

How Can ProVantage Help?

We facilitate a compliance service that encompasses all required aspects of the ESOS Assessment. These include:

• Provision of a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor to complete, oversee or review any energy audits; to ensure they meet the requirements of ESOS; and to sign-off on the overall ESOS compliance submission.
• Collation of annual energy consumption, ensuring that this overlaps with the qualification date as required by ESOS.
• The identification of the ‘areas of significant energy consumption’, ensuring that these cover the minimum of 90% of total energy consumption.
• Advice on the best compliance method for each area of significant consumption.
• Site visits as required to conduct ESOS Compliant Energy Audits.
• Provision of full Site Energy Survey reports detailing all energy efficiency improvements available, and where they would be applicable to a larger portfolio, if required.
• Full energy consumption profiling, made available in a variety of formats and reports from an advanced energy reporting system.
• Creation and maintenance of a comprehensive Evidence Pack to store all relevant documents and information relevant to the organisation’s compliance activities.

Did You Know Water Has Been Deregulated?

Many organisations currently receive multiple water bills each year from different suppliers, (particularly those with multi-sites) – and that’s before you add waste water, highways drainage and other activity. There are often serious questions around consumption, charges, billing accuracy, cost per invoice and more… but the market has now finally changed.
As of 1st April 2017 all non-household sites in England can now switch their waste water supplier regardless of consumption. Scotland deregulated in 2008 – many organisations north of the border have changed supplier since then and estimations are that those that have made savings of between 15% and 20% just by moving supplier.

Our partner brokers offer the same approach to water purchasing and management that you’d expect from gas and electric.

• Freedom to negotiate better deals
Choose a supplier that gives you the price that meets your needs, no matter where in England or Scotland you are – or where the supplier is.

• Choice of multi-service bundles
Utilise our partner’s huge market presence to get great deals on electricity, gas (and now water too) and combine all of these into special multi-utility bundles

• One supplier for more than one location
Let’s say you have 5 different sites, in 5 different parts of England. At the moment you’ll get 5 separate bills, each of which is from a supplier that you didn’t choose, giving you a level of service that you’re stuck with, and with no opportunity to change. Post 1st April, however, and it’s you that’s in control. You can move all of your sites to a single supplier of your choosing, simplifying every part of your water supply management.

What Free Water Audit Services Are Available?

With a free analysis of your water bills, our partners will identify;

• Investigation of tariffs and charges including dual charging.
• Meter size and readings, potentially over estimated bills
• Assessment of consumption against bench mark consumption relating to staffing levels and water usage on site
• Is high consumption a consequence of a leak or an unidentified shared supply
• Validation of your Surface Water Charges
• Investigation or implementation of Trade Effluent charges
• Possible savings by capturing rain water for flushing toilets/irrigation

The objectives of a Water Audit are no different to any other Utilities Audit – to identify waste & missed opportunities;

Objectives of an Audit
• Ensure all of our clients’ water charges are correct and appropriate
• Produce recommendations for reducing expenditure levels and obtain refunds of retrospective charges
• Identify and report on inefficient or wasteful water use
• Idendify and report on unaccounted water loss
• Reduce CO2 emissions



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