Since the deregulations of the telecommunications market in the late 1980s, and as new technologies have been entering the market, telecom providers in the UK have kept mushrooming. Business customers are key sources of revenues for these companies,

Whatever the industry, the one common requirement for any organisation is to have a reliable, secure, scalable and competitively priced communications solution.
Like brokers in all industries, many Telecoms and ICT brokers are affiliated to – or owned by – one or more of the major service providers.
To ensure complete independence & transparency we work with an agile, hands on and customer focussed broker with no affiliations to anyone, meaning you can be sure of being offered the best tailor-made products at the best pricing option.




From Apple to Android to Windows we can find the right device and application to suit your needs. And being completely independent with access to all the major UK networks enables us to meet any requirement.

Each customer requirement is unique; whether this be reducing costs, increasing productivity or securing your data, we can tailor a solution which truly achieves your goals.


Our partners are experienced in providing high quality and reliable Fixed Line solutions for all business communications. We ensure that the tariffs benefit any business whilst ensuring a superior standard of communication.

• We can consolidate all telecoms services on a single invoice to make your life easier
• Call rates are bespoke and based on real usage
• We offer a wide range of non-geographical numbers including, 0800, 0844, 0871, 0845 or 0330 with a number of intelligent routing solutions that can sit behind them.


Do You Know What You Want From Your System?

Start by getting and idea of what you want the system to do for you.

• How do you want to manage calls, faxes, emails and data sent across your internet connection?
• Do you want to route your calls over your internet connection using voice over internet protocol(VoIP) to reduce costs?

As with all fast-developing technologies there are probably more options in the marketplace than you may be aware of so it’s important not to have too fixed an idea of what you need. What you want it to do is one thing – the solution is another and the expertise is with the suppliers.
Our independent partners will talk through your requirement with you and offer a range of potential solutions that would meet your needs.

What is VoIP And Is It For You?

What Is VOIP & Is It Right For You?
Sometimes referred to as CLOUD HOSTED TELEPHONY, Hosted VoIP solution offers a wider range of features and a web page where you can make amendments yourself easily and quickly. If you have multiple sites or offices you can all be on one system.

Things To Consider For VoIP Phones
Is your broadband strong enough?
Will you need continuity options?
What telephones will you use for your VoIP solutions?
Is it cheaper to go VoIP vs traditional?

What You’ll Need For Effective VoIP Phone Systems
Strong broadband access – VoIP is very broadband hungry!)
A VoIP phone adapter with router (depending on your requirements
A cordless or corded telephones
A battery backup for power over Ethernet to ensure continuity

VoIP Phones For Small Businesses
The benefits of moving from a ‘traditional’ system to VoIP are too significant to ignore. You can save significant capital as you are putting voice over internet protocol

What About Your Mobile Phone Requirements?

Our partners specialise in mobile communications for all size businesses and provides a comprehensive range of tariffs, handsets, accessories and mobile data products to suit all needs.
As they’re a totally independent company that work with multiple mobile network carriers without allegiance to any, they will provide you with completely impartial and up to date advice on all your mobile requirements from a single mobile user through to data and Internet connectivity.



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