Too many companies, particularly smaller businesses, miss out on the opportunities to win contracts from the public sector simply due to their lack of understanding about the whole process of PQQ, tenders and the numerous compliance documents and policies. Despite government reforms to the processes to try to make them more user-friendly for potential bidders they’re still seen as overly complicated and very time consuming.

Consequently bidding unsuccessfully is a significant drain on resources and the risk puts off many SMEs that could otherwise stand a good chance of winning the business on offer.

As well as helping you write your PQQ and Tender we can also help your business become tender ready by helping you prepare the relevant compliant Policies you will need including Employment, Health & Safety, Diversity, Environmental, and many more.
Once these Policies are in place they form a library of company documentation which can be used for many other tenders and proposals.


Completing a tender can be a very long process and can be very time consuming – ProVantage have the staff with decades of Public Sector procurement experience from both sides of the fence – writing, issuing and evaluating tenders as the client and in submitting (and winning) as an external provider. We work with you to complete the Tender to make your bid as technically strong as possible – not just writing it and handing it over.

Using past experience, your company USPs and our own knowledge we aim to make you stand out from the competitor’s submissions.

We also offer a review and analysis service where we can give you some feedback before you send the final version to the tendering authority and seek feedback from the authority post-award.


How Much Time Will The Customer Need To Allocate?

As a general rule we’ll write the majority of the bid for you. That said, if you only require assistance with certain elements or specific topics, we will allocate our resources accordingly. You can have as much or as little written narrative provided by our experienced people as you want, and we will provide an individual quotation based on the level of support needed.
Usually we only assign one writer per project but for short notice projects we can have multiple writers to support to ensure on time submission.

What's The Cost?

It’s impossible to create a price list for our PQQ, bid and tender writing services as we charge on a project by project basis with fees  depending on a number of factors including  number of days’ work, meetings, research, travel, and data collation, etc.

If you have a potential tender you’re thinking about bidding for we recommend that you send us the documents that you wish us to complete and we will work with you to provide  a fixed, no obligation quote.

Do You Only Work With Large Corporates?

No. Our services are applicable to companies of all shapes and sizes, from small, owner-managed SMEs to large corporate clients.

As long as your organisation meets the requirements of the PQQ or tender (and we would advise you if we felt it didn’t), then we’d be pleased to work with you. If you’re a smaller company that has never tendered for public sector contracts before though, we can also provide a ‘bid ready’ auditing service to make sure you have all the necessary documents, policies and procedures in place to start bidding for contracts successfully.

Having the ‘perfect’ product or service is only half the battle in public sector supply – the rest is the minefield of the PQQ and/or tender and ensuring every box is ticked in the process and the bid looks and feels as strong as it can.

Do You Work From The Client's Premises?

Yes, as and when appropriate. This is usually when a lot of information is required from service specialists that we’d need to sit down and pull information from, or if the bid is particularly large.

We’ll gather all the relevant information, put it into the right format and style to make it as strong as possible then review it with you before it’s submitted.



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