We were approached by a residential charity with multiple care homes across a wide geographical area and asked to review their energy contracts.

Each of these had numerous suppliers for gas and electricity, heating oil and LPG, all on different rates, all on different end dates.

We pulled the information together from each and every meter, worked with all the individual suppliers to gather information around usage, unit costs, Standing Charges etc, then took the total requirement to the open market.

Because there were dozens of live contracts (as well as many that had run off contract and were at that point on the higher rolling-month rates), we ran the tender to pick up properties as they rolled off the old Agreements – with each one having the same end date.

Across the charity we returned a saving on mains gas and electricity of an average of 21%; a cashable saving of £100,000 annually, unit prices fixed for the duration of the contracts.

On heating oil and LPG, we returned a saving of an average of 44%, again a cashable saving of around £90,000 annually. Because of the sizes of contracts placed by our liquid fuel broker we were able to fix the litre prices for 12 month rolling periods at a time – something not usually possible in this market.

Along the way we dealt with numerous individual meter queries, facilitated installation of meters to new premises and removal of those in mothballed premises and prior to a single, en-bloc tender now able to go out later this year, are taking the client through the savings opportunities in having centralised, consolidated electronic billing across the piece to greatly reduce admin.

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