Receive RHI payments as a property developer/builder when installing ground source heat pumps

  • Ground source heat pumps draw heat from the ground to provide efficient, clean, renewable energy
  • Install ground source heat pumps in your new build properties and claim RHI payments where two or more share the heat source (ground loop or borehole)
  • Commercial RHI payments made quarterly for up to 20 years
  • The system works with radiators or underfloor heating and continues to be owned and maintained by the homeowner
  • Heat pumps provide 100% of the property’s heating and domestic hot water
  • No planning required as meets permitted development rights criteria


Government incentive payments (Non-Domestic RHI) are now available for property developers/builders where they install a ground source heat pump into two or more new build properties via a shared ground loop.

Each property will have its own heat pump but will share a heat source via either a ground loop collector or a borehole.

Payments will usually be made based on the ‘deemed’ heat demand of the property taken from the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).


Providing the following points are met, RHI will be paid quarterly on a deemed basis:

  • The heat pump is commissioned on or after 14 December 2016
  • It provides heat to one or more domestic properties
  • It does not provide heat to the same property as another plant
  • It has been occupied for more than 183 in the previous 12 months
  • It is not capable of using a fuel

If any of the above points are not met, payments will be made according to a heat meter. This means that meter readings will be supplied to Ofgem and payments made accordingly.


  • 2 new build properties sized at 200m2 are built with underfloor heating to the ground floor and radiators to the first floor.
  • The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows heat usage of 13,000 kWh for heating and hot water for each property.

RHI payments are therefore made at:

  • 13,000 x 9.36p (current Ground Source tariff) = £1,216.80 x 2 properties = £2,433.60
  • RHI payment for 2 properties £2,433.60 x 20 years = £48,762.00 (rising as per CPI rates).

Installation costs from:

£24,000.00 using 2 x 6kW inverter driven NIBE heat pumps with incorporated hot water cylinders.

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