Biomass installation with no capital outlay, no servicing or maintenance fees – for 20 years

  • New biomass heating system installed and maintained free of charge
  • Fuel supplied and charged at an agreed rate over the term of the agreement
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions and huge savings on heating and maintenance costs
  • No Service & Maintenance costs for the full 20-year Agreement
  • Focus on your core business and outsource the operation and risk associated with the biomass system to the professionals

With the support of Government Incentive Payments (RHI), we can offer a Biomass installation package where no capital outlay is required. This covers the cost of the boiler installation and on-going servicing and maintenance.

The new biomass boiler provides low carbon renewable heat at up to 50% less cost in comparison with electric or fossil-fuelled heating. We can also supply the fuel which will be charged at an agreed rate for the term of the agreement.


  • Frees up your working capital
  • Only pay for the heat that you use
  • Heating & hot water system serviced and maintained for 20 years, free of charge
  • Negotiable ‘buy-back’ option at year 10 where the customer can then retain the RHI payments from years 11-20.
  • Benefit from low carbon, highly efficient heating


Case Study

For many years, Meden school in Mansfield had used coal boilers to heat the two main school buildings and the nearby sports centre. Operational costs including routine maintenance were high – as were the carbon emissions of 1,034.2 tonnes per year.

With the support of the RHI carbon reduction incentive grants from Ofgem, we were able to provide the school with a brand-new biomass fuelled boiler system as a replacement for their ageing coal boilers. The incentives will also cover all servicing and maintenance for a 20-year period.

The replacements, two Herz woodchip-fuelled biomass boilers have been assembled into purpose-built containers and were installed over the summer holiday period, along with 2 woodchip stores and LPG back up boilers.

THE carbon reduction project has provided Meden School with a modern efficient boiler installation, which will significantly reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the local environment.

The Government-backed incentives will also ensure that the impact of the ongoing boiler maintenance costs will be funded by the incentives over a 20-year period. Leaving the school in a position to invest the significant savings in teaching and teaching equipment.

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